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My glassware products are made by using exclusively high-quality raw material. The manufacture demands unique design.
I design every single item in the world of design, colour and harmony. Afterwards I make them completely hand-made, with my own  hands, until finishing the last phase. I melt the medals and the bigger pieces in a furnace, and I melt the glass pearls, that demand great patience and precise work, from Murano glass-sticks in front of a high-performance gas-bulb. These are precious accesories of my collection.
All the minor parts on the jewels are 925-quality Bali silver accesories.
My collections form representative part of the style of any age, from casual to occasional wear.

Purchase of my glassworks and jewels can be made via e-mail order, upon agreement.
In case you like any of the jewels or glassware on my web site, please send me a mail with the name and number seen below the chosen picture.
Payment can be made by bank transfer or PayPal. After you send the order you will receive an email, including all the necessary informations such as the price of the product, the shipping charge, etc.

Delivery of the product: by mail, after the bank or PayPal transfer was fulfilled.
I also accept glassware and jewelry orders based on individual demands. In tis case the price and the production deadline depends on it's difficulty.

The pieces in a set can be bought separately, too.

For further information feel free to contact me by email or phone.