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Why glass?

Because in glass you can find the world between art and myths.

"There isn't such another decoratine art that would
grasp our soul in such depth, as glass painting.
Light pouring through the glass paintings is coloured sunlight itself.
Colours refined by fire become sunlight.
This can explain the mythical effect diffused from the glass paintings of the domes ...
the glass painting colours continuously resonate, change and shine in the sunlight,
as the effects of the sunrays change. They affect us as a living phenomenon."
/Miksa Róth/

About me:

I work as glass designer and interior designer. I design and make my own painted and fusing glassware products and jewels, with melting and wobbled technology, on high temperature.

Among my works can be found design of inner decorations, windows, doors. Technology, according to demand, can be lead-profile, or painted for both individuals and companies. I make my glasswork with ancient traditional burnt glaze-paint technology. My hand-cut, furnace-melt glass jewels are made using the millefior technology of ancient craftsmen of Murano. The raw material is Murano glass, decorated with millefiories. Glass is from America, hand-made, premium-quality, including sophisticated irizing-surface dichoric glass decorations.

My collections, which will empasize your own beauty and individuality, are a mixture of colours and exclusive form-design, together with being the appearance of value and elegance. The world of intensive emotions saves you the pride to wear a work of art.

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